Episode 9 – The Scissor Sisters & Farah Swaleh Noor


Farah Swaleh Noor was an apparent Somalian refugee to Ireland and disappeared on the 20th March 2005. Later that month, and unidentified male body was pulled from the Royal Canal on Dublin city’s north side in pieces which had been dumped in black plastic rubbish bags. The body – missing its head-  was identified as Farah Noor, and it soon became apparent that his girlfriend Kathleen Mulhall and her two daughters, Linda and Charlotte, were involved in the gruesome murder, dismemberment and disposal of his body.

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Episode 8 – Brendan O’Donnell

Brendan O’Donnell was a troubled and clingy child. After the death of his mother, he displayed violent tendencies. Rather than making his way into the mental health services and getting treatment, he found himself in detention centres for delinquent children. He spiralled out of control and eventually rampaged across the peaceful countryside near Lough Derg, killing three people and holding another two at gun point.


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Tony and JJ Muggiven, A Tragedy Waiting to Happen: The Chaotic Life of Brendan O’Donnell (Dublin: Gill Books, 2004)





Episode 7 – The Beast of Birkenshaw (Part 3)

In the final episode of the Beast of Birkenshaw series, Peter Manuel takes over his own defence. He finds many people to place the blame on for his many crimes, and explains how evidence managed to disappear from the crime scenes. He takes the stand to give evidence in his defence. But to no avail – he is found guilty and is sentenced to hang. But in a final twist before he’s put to death, Manuel takes ill in the prison. Will he be fit to hang, or will he be saved from his fate?


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Episode 7 – The Beast of Birkenshaw (Part 2)

William Watt leaving the High Court in Glasgow on a stretcher, from which he gave evidence.

In the second part of our series covering Peter Manuel, the Beast of Birkenshaw, his trial begins. This time, we tell the story of the witnesses, who all weave together their stories, most implicating Manuel, others attempting to help salvage the dire situation he finds himself in. 280 people give evidence of the crimes he is charged with, ranging from burglary to capital murder. Manuel’s life is on the line, as he only needs to be found guilty of one of the multiple capital charges to find himself at the end of the hangman’s noose. But halfway through the trial, Manuel fires his advocates and decides to defend himself. Will Manuel be able to tell the better tale and save his life? Or will the judge and jury see through his superficial charm and convict him of the serial murders in Birkenshaw?


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MacLeod, Hector and Malcolm McLeod, Peter Manuel, Serial Killer (Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing 2010)




Episode 7 – The Beast of Birkenshaw (Part 1)

“Mary had a little cat

She used to call him Daniel,

Then she found it killed six mice

And now she calls him Manuel”


Peter Manuel was born in New York in 1927, to Scottish Parents Samuel and Brigit. The family returned to Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1932 where Peter’s childhood and adolescence were marred with sprees of theft and violence. He ended up in first an approved school before moving on to Borstal. He was an over confident person, and liked to be the centre of attention, going so far as to make up his involvement in serious crimes in order to increase his notoriety. In this, the first of our three part series on the man who would become known as “The Beast of Birkenshaw” we look at his upbringing, and the circumstances that led to the deaths of 8 people on the outskirts of Glasgow in the late 1950s.


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MacLeod, Hector and Malcolm McLeod, Peter Manuel, Serial Killer (Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing 2010)




Episode 6 – The Kerry Babies

In the year 1984, Ireland was a very different place. Contraception, Abortion and Divorce were illegal. The country was dogged by religious conservatism and was facing into a terrible recession. Amidst this, the body of a baby boy was found on a beach in Cahersiveen, Co Kerry. The police began to look for the likely suspect: an recently-pregnant unmarried mother. Joanne Hayes was accused and charged of the murder of the infant. She and her whole family eventually confessed to the murder, despite Joanne’s baby being located. So what had caused the family to confess? A judicial inquiry was set up to investigate Garda maltreatment, but it soon turned into a trial of Joanne’s character.


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Newstalk, Pat Kenny interview with Diarmaid Ferriter 14th April 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQM47ccYoyI&t=68s

Episode 5 – Rachel O’Reilly


In October of 2004, Rachel O’Reilly was brutally attacked in her North County Dublin home. Initially, the Gardai treated the crime as a burglary gone wrong, but soon it became clear that this was no random attack. Her husband, Joe O’Reilly, appeared in the media appealing for information about his wife’s death, and given his strange demeanour, the public began to question, who really was responsible for the murder of Rachel O’Reilly?


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Theme music: “I’ll do the Time” by Nick Jaina



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Episode 4 – The Acid Bath Murders

In the years immediately following the war in a still bomb-ravaged London, people were going missing. A few letters sent to their families reassured that all was well. But when 69 year old Olive Durand-Deacon went missing from her residential hotel, a suspicious policewoman looked further into the shady character of John George Haigh. He quickly confessed to killing 5 people and dissolving their bodies in acid. He attempted to put forth a defence of insanity, but ultimately, Haigh met his end on the gallows.


Theme music: “I’ll do the Time” by Nick Jaina



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Episode 3 – Sophie Toscan du Plantier

Sophie Toscan du Plantier was a french writer and documentarian, who owned a secluded holiday home in the picturesque west Cork town of Schull. Days before Christmas 1996, she was found savagely murdered in the lane way leading to her house. The case remains unsolved, but that doesn’t mean the matter hasn’t been heard before the courts. The prime suspect, Ian Bailey, took a defamation action against eight newspapers for reporting that he was the prime suspect in the case.

Theme music:  “I’ll do the time” by Nick Jaina



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Episode 2 -James Bulger

In January of 1993, James Bulger was a month away from his third birthday when he disappeared from his mothers sight in a shopping mall. This was no regular, tragic child abduction however, as the perpetrators were children themselves.

Theme music “I’ll do the time” by Nick Jaina


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