Episode 8 – Brendan O’Donnell

Brendan O’Donnell was a troubled and clingy child. After the death of his mother, he displayed violent tendencies. Rather than making his way into the mental health services and getting treatment, he found himself in detention centres for delinquent children. He spiralled out of control and eventually rampaged across the peaceful countryside near Lough Derg, […]

Episode 7 – The Beast of Birkenshaw (Part 3)

In the final episode of the Beast of Birkenshaw series, Peter Manuel takes over his own defence. He finds many people to place the blame on for his many crimes, and explains how evidence managed to disappear from the crime scenes. He takes the stand to give evidence in his defence. But to no avail […]

Episode 7 – The Beast of Birkenshaw (Part 2)

William Watt leaving the High Court in Glasgow on a stretcher, from which he gave evidence. In the second part of our series covering Peter Manuel, the Beast of Birkenshaw, his trial begins. This time, we tell the story of the witnesses, who all weave together their stories, most implicating Manuel, others attempting to help […]

Episode 7 – The Beast of Birkenshaw (Part 1)

“Mary had a little cat She used to call him Daniel, Then she found it killed six mice And now she calls him Manuel”   Peter Manuel was born in New York in 1927, to Scottish Parents Samuel and Brigit. The family returned to Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1932 where Peter’s childhood and adolescence were marred […]

Episode 5 – Rachel O’Reilly

  In October of 2004, Rachel O’Reilly was brutally attacked in her North County Dublin home. Initially, the Gardai treated the crime as a burglary gone wrong, but soon it became clear that this was no random attack. Her husband, Joe O’Reilly, appeared in the media appealing for information about his wife’s death, and given […]